Monday, September 12, 2011

What's Your Sentence?

Today's Learning Targets:
  • I can learn to write in narrative form, with purpose, to develop experiences using effective technique, details, and well-structured sequences. (CCS 12.W.3) 
  • I can use technology to produce, publish and update an individual or shared writing product. (CCS 12.W.6)

Later in the year, we will participate in globally collaborative projects such as Flat Classroom and NetGenEd.  Works like A Whole New Mind by acclaimed author, Daniel Pink, are used as a portion of the project's content components.  That said, let's take a look at Daniel Pink and think about what motivates us.

Daniel Pink's video below asks us to think about two important questions: 1) What's my sentence?  2) Am I better today than yesterday?

Today's Activity:  Compose your first blog post using the prompt:
  • What's my sentence?  Think about this seriously.  You are leaving a legacy, a digital footprint.  What would you want people to really know about you?  
  • What one sentence would define you?  Are you too much of a 'muddles paragraph'? 
  • In your blog post, be sure to include exactly what you've decided your sentence to be at this point in your life.  
  • Also, be sure to reflect on the process of answering this question.  Was it easy?  Difficult? Frustrating?  Share what this exercise was like for you. 
  • Let's blog!
Need examples of what said?