Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Blog!

Today's Learning Target:  I can create a digital platform on which I can write an publish class content professionally.

Today's Activities:
Image Credit:
  • Go to
  • Using your school email address, set up a Blogger account
  • When setting up your Blogger profile, do not include specific location information
  • You may upload a photo, but it should be an appropriate head shot
  • For now, name your blog as your name (ex. Suzie N.)
  • Name the url the same as the blog name (ex.
  • If the url is taken, add a number to it (ex.
  • Do not add a description yet
  • Choose Template, colors, etc.  Make it your own.
  • Do not connect your FaceBook account
  • Once finished, complete the following Google Form