Friday, September 23, 2011

Creating Your NING Profile

Today's Learning Target:  I can create an online, safe, professional space where I can share my work and digital artifacts throughout the Flat Classroom Project.

Today's Activities:

  • Click "Sign Up" in upper right corner.
  • Use your school email address to register (it is OK that your last name is in the email as it will not be displayed.
  • In the profile information, when it asks for your "Full Name" do not put your last name.  Using myself as an example, you would type in "Suzie N."
  • For your username, use the following naming convention, "SuzieN_MCA"so that to other teachers, you are easily identifiable.
  • For "website" enter the school's url.
  • For "blog" enter your class blogspot blog url as we will be cross-posting some of our work.
  • Once complete, spend some time personalizing your profile.  You may upload a profile photo, but it should be a clear, professional-like head shot.
  • If you are not comfortable using your own photo, you may use tools like or or


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