Monday, April 23, 2012

Consumption & Online Behavior

Learning Targets:

  • Write explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts & information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization and analysis of content (CCSS 11.W.2).
  • Use technology, including the internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing products in response to ongoing feedback, including new arguments or information (CCSS 11.W.6).
  • Make strategic use of digital media (textual, graphical, audio, visual and interactive elements) in presentations to enhance understanding of findings, reasoning, and evidence to add interest (CCSS 11.SL.5).
Learning Activities:
  • Watch the video "Consuming Kids"  

  • Complete a reflective blog post on consumption (on your new Blogger).  It should consist of three distinctive parts:
    • Identify/explain the topic of consumption
    • Discuss consumption as it relates to online behavior/activity in this day and age
    • Compare and contrast your understanding/impression of consumption before and after watching the video.
    • Additionally, think about some of the questions/points posed in the video - is advertising dishonest/deceptive - why or why not?  Do you agree with the statement that media and advertising is equivalent to pedophiles?  Why or why not?  Do students/kids your age have self-monitoring skills?  Provide examples either way.
  • Be sure to include hyperlinks, where appropriate, in your post, as well as any graphics if you see fit.


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