Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walk the Wiki

Today's Learning Target:  I can efficiently and effectively navigate online spaces to locate and utilize a variety of media and information.

Today's Activities:
  • Go to the FCP 11-3 Project Wiki and find the following pages.  When you find them you should bookmark each of them in Diigo, including a description, and the proper tags, including fcp11-3, flatclass, mcahs, and wiki_walk
    • The Home Page
    • The Team Grid - Where you go to see all team members in every category.
    • Your respective Team Wiki page where you find overview information about your topic.
    • Your respective Team Wiki page where you will edit and place your work.
    • The discussion tab page of your Team Wiki where you can read and respond to comments 
    • Where to go on the wiki that has instructions and tutorials for virtually anything you want to do in the project.  
  • You will have a quiz on this later this week on Friday.


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