Monday, October 17, 2011

Diigo It!

Today's Learning Target:  

  • I can research a variety of non-print textual information and media to cite strong and thorough evidence relating to my designated topic area to support analysis of what the textual material says explicitly. (CCR - 11.RIT.1)
Today' Activities/Updates:
  • Walk the Wiki quiz will be tomorrow.  Continue to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the Flat Classroom Project 11-3 Wiki, as you will also begin editing and adding information to your respective team page tomorrow. 
  • Today is all about research and finding information about your specific Topic (the number) and Subtopic (the letter) and bookmarking to the Diigo Flat Classroom Group.
    • Use key words about your topic and subtopic to search the internet for current information.
    • You may find useful internet search tips here.
    • When you find an article, image, etc. that is beneficial to explaining your topic/subtopic, use your Diigo toolbar in FireFox to bookmark it, using the appropriate tags.
  • Steps for bookmarking:
    • Click "bookmark" in your toolbar and you will see this
    • Add a 1-2 sentence description of the article or website you are bookmarking in the description box.
    • For tags, be sure to enter mcahs-diigo so that I may find it as your project Diigo assignment
    • You will need to add additional tags based on your specific Topic and Subtopic.  The tags for each can be found here - the Tagging Standards for the project.
    • Under "More Options" click on "Share to Group"
    • Click blue arrow drop-down and select "Flat Classroom Project"
    • Click "Save"
  • You need to bookmark a minimum of five sources today.
  • To be safe (in case you haven't tagged correctly) when you are finished with the assignment, email me a link to your Diigo profile and I will be able to see your individual bookmarks in once place.  
  • In other words, if you go to your name at the top of the page and click your user name, then go to your profile like this
          you will then see your profile listing your bookmarks.  Copy the url on this page and email to 
          me.  Mine would be


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